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  1. just got the new wildcat x blowing drive belts

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    i'm blowing a drive belt every 100 miles! deler told me it's becase in in high range going slow? they siad anything under 40 mph i need to be in low range this dosn't make sence to me and nethere does spending 18k on a new ride that a guy has to spend 180.00 every 100 miles? can some one PLEASE...
  2. Wildcat x conversion kit

    Wildcat X
    So how do you feel now that your cat is missing that all important x ? About $12,000 in the hole? (my dealer would give me 11,000 trade in ,plus 12,000 cash.(canada)Thats about what it would cost to trade up to the new x. So what can be done to bring ours up to speed? After seeing what a/c...