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  1. Wildcat X
    Hi all! All of a sudden the buttons on the dashboard stopped working. Sometimes this crap goes away and the buttons start working. Also, at each start, it changes independently miles to kilometers. uploaded video to youtube Who has any ideas?
  2. Wildcat Performance Modifications
    I blew a hole in my 2015 Wildcat 1000x engine/transmission case. After sitting at the dealer for 3 months they finally let me know that it'd be $7K for them to replace it o_O. Soo, rather than that I decided I'm going to do an engine swap, I have a moderate amount of fabrication, mechanic and...
  3. Wildcat Parts and Products For Sale
  4. Wildcat X
    I recently purchased my 2014 WC X with 900 miles on it and it began to lurch forward on me in gear. Upon further inspection of my clutches i noticed my spider was cracked in the primary, So that leaves me here looking for suggestions on where to get a new primary. I am looking for brand and...
  5. Wildcat X
    My 14 X won't start. It went from running great to not starting at all. It sounds healthy when you crank it over but no matter what I try I can't get it to start. Any suggestions would be great.
  6. New Member Introductions
    new to the sxs game. just picked up a 15 wildcat x. love it but i did blow a belt in the first hour. not sure if it was just a bit used up or what. will be installing an alba temp gage this weekend. any sort of tips from any vets reguarding anything from upgrades to riding and habits would be...
  7. Wildcats For Sale
    2013 wildcat 1000 SOLD! SOLD SOLD SOLD i have decided that i want to buy something new with a warrant. so im selling the wildcat. id like to get 10k for it because it has a ton of good parts 2013 wildcat completely gone through and most weak points attended to. there are typical scratches...
  8. Wildcat General Discussion
    recently i've been having tons of problems on my big cat with basically my whole front end and some of my rear suspension as well. i have come to the conclusion that all the trailing arm and a-arm mounts are too thin and stretch, which leads to the bolt holes ovalizing. from there its like a...
  9. Wildcat X
    Hey guys and gals!! im wonderiing if anyone has had troubles with oil leaks coming from the bottom of the engine??? almost like a pan gasket??? mine has a slow leak and its pretty annoying.... Anyone??
  10. Wildcat Performance Modifications
    Sorry about my last post. The long one got lost due to my phone so that thread can be deleted... But here is my story In June of 2014 I got my brand new wildcat x from Prime Powersports in Shawno WI. The promotion at the time was cash back or a 2 year extended warranty. Of course I wanted the...
  11. Wildcat Videos & Pictures
    Riding in the Rio Puerco, NM in a section we call Star wars!
  12. Wildcat General Discussion
    am i the first person to try this? i've looked everywhere on the web and haven't heard of anyone trying this for simple little day trips. stock wheels and tires and a long bed f250 i cant believe it actually worked without rubbing or hitting anything...
  13. Wildcat X
    Hi guys, Im new to the sxs community but come from a long history of riding on the dunes. I bought a 2015 Wildcat X last month and need some advice on how to modify my drivers seat. I am 6'2" and while i fit ok in the drivers seat, I would like to fit even better. I noticed that the drivers...
  14. Wildcat General Discussion
    I'm new to this forum and I currently own a Rzr 800 and I'm looking to upgrade to a 1000cc Utv and the wildcat besides price wise is toward the bottom of my list so I just wanted some opinions on owning wildcat and how they compare to Rzr 900 and 1000 and what specific Wildcafs should be avoided...
  15. Wildcat General Discussion
    I have a good friend in the offroad world who is just as interested in the prospect of racing sxs as I am, HOWEVER, he is just flat out convinced that the XP1K is the only answer. So, we came up with a crafty idea. We will be dragging the females to MOAB for a pseudo vacation. Ill be renting a...
  16. Wildcat X
    Ok can someone please tell me the proper way to break in a belt !!! This time i using a oem belt cause that gates blew in pieces !!!! So i have about 40 hours on my cat not sure about miles i didn't check but on third belt in less then 3 months i owned this !!! Someone told me i wasn't breaking...
  17. Wildcat Parts and Products For Sale
    Have a Big Gun Exhaust and programmer for sale. Have put about 200 miles through the exhaust and found it was just to loud for me. Asking 450.00 for both. Had it installed on a 2013.5 wildcat X. Selling Wildcat X for RZR 1000.
  18. Wildcat General Discussion
    my dealer just informed me that I should be climbing china wall and comp hill and any other huge dune in the low gear? is this true this is the same dealer that told me I would be fine with 14 staggered paddles extreme !!! so do I climb these dunes in the low gear ?
  19. Wildcat X
    We are very excited to have finally picked up our new WILDCAT X. Products Available NOW: Chromoly Upper & Lower A Arms With Upgraded Ball Joints & Bushing Grease Zerks 6061 1" Diameter Tie Rods with Oversized Teflon Lined Heim Joints Chromoly High Clearance Lower Radius Rods Chromoly Upper...
  20. Wildcat Parts and Products For Sale
    Up for sale is a 2011 attitude 18fkg. T!This trailer is awesome and come
1-20 of 32 Results