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  1. Wildcat XX
    I am having the water pump issue on my 2019 XX. Do I buy a new OEM, and install the speedwerx breather kit for 59 bucks, buy a billet impeller, or buy speed utv kit for 50p bucks? What is everyone doing and having success with?
  2. Wildcat XX
    Winter wrench season has come to a close. This was the first test run after all the upgrades. Let's see what everyone has. Team Arctic Cat
  3. Wildcat XX
    Has anyone else had their brand new XX leak out the entire contents of their coolant without even riding it? The machine sat in my garage while I got insurance and finished my work week, (it was roughly a week it was sitting) and when I took it out of my garage and started to pre-trip it there...
  4. Wildcat XX
    I have a bone stock 2018 wildcat XX, started throwing the code P0107, dealership told me that it was a code low voltage at MAP sensor and to not worry, JUST SEND IT!! Now, I’m ignorant when it comes to these machines, but if anyone has any tips or suggestions about clearing the code and solving...
  5. Wildcat Parts and Products For Sale
    Looking to buy two take off wheels and tires for the xx.
  6. Wildcat XX
    We have just completed testing on our 2019 Wildcat XX. There was a few hp difference between the 2018 and 2019 machines. We were still able to extract extra hp on the 2019 over the stock calibration. As soon as the 2019 software is released, all 2018 vehicles will use the 2019 base software...
  7. New Member Introductions
    Hey ya'll new guy living in south Florida in the process of moving to Blairsville, GA. Been lurking and reading on here for a few months now and came extremely close to pulling the trigger on a 2014 wildcat x but decided to hold out when I started learning about the xx. Well i just put my...
1-7 of 7 Results