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  1. Wildcats For Sale
    Selling my beast in excellent condition and 1500 miles on it. This unit has lots of accessories and performance upgrades: MCX Turbo Kit - 150HP & 90miles/hour top speed; Upgraded Exhaust system; Upgraded performance clutch; ProArmor aluminum doors; Beard harnesses; LED Light Bar; Doom led...
  2. Wildcat X
    Thought I would post this to get everyone's thoughts. I found a 15 Wildcat for sale and decided to go take a look at it. My thoughts was to possibly purchase it since I own a 2012. As I looked at it I noticed that motor didn't look right. I'm 99% positive that it's a 2012 motor in this 2015...
  3. Wildcat Parts and Products For Sale
    Sold wildcat X ecu for sale. This came with engine I purchased. I have no need for it. Ill sale it for 100 shipped
  4. Wildcat Videos & Pictures
    Hello wondering what is needed in conjunction with exhaust to keep the X running properly. Is the full exhaust itself good to bolt on with no issues? or do you need power commanders and different intakes? Thanks!
  5. Arctic Cat Wildcat News
    Arctic Cat surprised all of us today announcing an addition to the Wildcat SideXSide lineup. According to a post on facebook the new model will be called the Wildcat X and hopefully we'll have more details soon. For more discussions check out this thread already in progress...
1-5 of 5 Results