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Newbie writing on this site, id appreciate any feedback as im going crazy with this atv.
Just purchased, was smoking and running erratic.
-Bored cylinder, new piston rings(145 psi now)
-put aftermrket flywheel on(was bad magnets)
-New aftermarket carb
After changing flywheel I had no spark.
-Checked ohms from stator wires, ok.
-Checked stator high voltage from pulse and source with max voltage meter adapter, ok.
-Checked voltage going into cdi from stator, ok
-checked voltage coming out of cdi, NONE
-I reversed the yellow and white wire from stator, (source) and green and blue wire(pulse) and I got spark, yahoo!
I tried starting but wouldnt start. I tried either in cylinder, not even a little. If it has compression, gas, and spark it must be timing. I put timing mark on flywheel aligned with case mark on compression stroke then took valve cover off and lines on cam were parallel to mating surface, cam lobes were facing down, piston tdc, I rotated motor and checked this 3 times and im sure its correct.
So even though I changed the wires(because of aftermarket flywheel polarity being backwards I assume) and now have spark why will it not fire?

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Years ago I had a similar problem with a Wisconsin motor on a lawn tractor, the flywheel shed a magnet and destroyed the pick up. I ordered a new flywheel and ignition module from Wisconsin and after installing them had the type of trouble you describe. wisconsin sent me new parts and still the same trouble. I put a timing light on the motor and found the spark was occuring at about 95 degrees before TDC, way too early. Finally fixed it by obtaining an old flywheel from a junked motor. Put the flywheel on and it ran like a champ for years after. I'm guessing the magnet polarity in the replacement flywheels was different causing the timing problem.
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