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I decided to start a new thread and let everyone know the trouble I went thru with the oil leaks on the bottom pan.
I bought the 2012 Wildcat 1000i HO about 3 or 4 months ago. Before buying it I checked and found that they have an oil leak problem. No problem as I can fix it. I only paid $6500 for the machine but it had to have some work done to put it back into top shape which I enjoy doing. On my first ride out after buying the machine I found that on this year there is a threaded plug on the case above the oil filter that was leaking a nice steady stream of oil. I tightened it but it didn't stop the flow. Once home I pulled the plug and put teflon on it and reinstalled it. No more oil leaking from the plug. Oc course the pan was leaking in 2 spots. The back passenger corner and right above the oil filter. It seems that all of these leak right above the oil filter.
I finally pulled the motor and pressure washed the motor and then R&R'd the pan. Put the motor back in and fired it up. Nice to have the leak fixed but after driving it down the road and back I noticed the rear seal was now leaking. Great. I decided to replace the seal by removing just enough bolts or loosened them up just enough to pry to pan down to get the seal out. I notice a little burr or something on the shaft so I removed it and put in the new seal. I actually figured that I would have to pull the motor and reseal the pan but decided to try this first. Back together and now no leaks until I put in a couple of hours riding. Noticed a small leak. I HATE THIS OIL LEAKING!
Here's what I tried. I removed the oil filter and used JB Quick Weld and put it on the seam. All the way from the corner over to the seal. Let me tell you that was a thrill getting in there to do that. That slowed the leak down but not enough for me. I put more JB Weld on and each time it helped a little but that oil sure has a way to find a way thru and drip. One day I'm at a store and see a can of the As Seen On TV Flex Seal. It's a brush on instead of a spray on. I bought it thinking I could use it on some of my gutters. I finally removed the oil filter again, tape it off and used a sponge paint brush to coat the seam about the oil filter with this Flex Seal. I let it dry for 2 days. Put it back together and took it for a good long hard ride in the mountains and rock. We did a lot of rock crawling etc. As I checked it through out the day I noticed it didn't leak. Came home and checked, no leak. I keep checking and no leak. I'm now a much happier camper. Wish I had found this earlier and gave it a try before doing everything else.
Anyway, I hope this will help someone out here on the forum.

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I saw Flex Seal at the counter the other day at Lowes, and was wondering to myself, does this stuff really work, LOL! Hopefully you'll stay leak free!
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