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Selling my beast in excellent condition and 1500 miles on it.

This unit has lots of accessories and performance upgrades:

MCX Turbo Kit - 150HP & 90miles/hour top speed;
Upgraded Exhaust system;
Upgraded performance clutch;
ProArmor aluminum doors;
Beard harnesses;
LED Light Bar;
Doom led light;
Green whip installed;
Aluminum top;
Side mirrors;
Front and rear bumpers;
Custom passanger handle;
+BONUS complete set of sand dunes tires.

This unit super powerful and fast also it can handle any trails any level of difficulty. Mint condition, just perfect, no cons, no issues. 1500 miles on it. Clean.

Ask: $13000

DM for info.

BqyEeRgDUjk.jpg KsQ1T2_zO-0.jpg k1WMdUIZ1bI.jpg pgoLXEHd74c.jpg 8bDRBclVOqw.jpg
1 - 4 of 4 Posts