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2015 wildcat surprise on the drain plug

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Well, just got the wildcat out for it's first run this year. decided to drop the oil afterwards since I've never changed it since getting it. (guy I bought it from had just done the service on it at his dealer) and I doubt we've put 30 hours on it in the two years we've had it. (yes, I know I should change it at least once a year regardless. anyways, the oil came out pretty clean anyways.

well, I wasn't too happy with the oil plug when I removed it. saw this sticking to the end of the magnet. so it looks like a roller from a bearing. any ideas from what? Motor seemed to run fine. only thing I can think of would be a wrist pin bearing from a piston that I'm used to from dirtbike rebuilds, but how in hell could it get out of there? something left over from a previous engine failure that the PO didn't tell me about? Now I'm scared about running this thing. it shows no damage on the pin at all, and like I said, the motor seems to run fine.




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I am curious about this as well. How does the pump still operate without that pin?
This might be one of those times I cant figure it out lol..... my brain says that pin needs to be through the shaft and sitting in the slot in the inner rotor and forcing it turn but.... whatever lol
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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