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Any ideas without engine removal and lower end disassembly. I have removed the primary clutch, and nothing is binding behind that. Compression is ~90 rear, ~120 front. Crank speed is slower than expected. All starter gears, bosses are good, (Has new style starter in it already I think) and a new starter has been installed. New battery, with jump to second battery also. Grounds and connections are good. New starter relay. (and bypassed relay is same results) . Has fired briefly. Not sure if engine was rattling or just loud exhaust. 2-5 seconds running only. Trying to isolate the core issue, and not just do a blind engine rebuild, and possibly have the same issue. Primary clutch has rubbed against rear housing, but has been removed to eliminate this as a possibility.

This is a recent purchase, so history is unknown. 4k miles. Oil was clean when changed. Did not look new, but was not very old. Minimal metal filings on drain bolt. (Purchased with expectation of needed engine repairs) Previous owner indicates it died on the trail, and has not started since.
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