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I washed the beast after a dusty 6 hour trail ride up the mountain. When I tried to turn it off after starting it back up to put it back on the trailer, it sounded like I was trying to start it, and would not turn off.

There was no warning that the starter was stuck and only when I smelled something burning under the back bed did I realize there was a problem.
Too late... I did not get to the battery soon enough...


There is a shortage of this particular starter, and no dealer in the country had one for over 3 weeks. I finally saw a listing on E Bay and got 1 of 2 that a dealer had just received.

$399 + TAX

The solenoid was cheap, under $20, and it was sealed better than the original, which had a defined clamshell appearance.

I will not pay that much attention to the dust & dirt from now on!

Has anyone else run into this problem with the solenoid/starter?

The dealer told me it was about time for parts to be replaced.

Was I being told the truth?

Only 998 miles, but I plow a mile long driveway with it in the Winter so the floor pan can get some snow on it.
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