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2019 Textron Wildcat XX

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Played in a bunch of water and mud yesterday. Machine worked awesome. Went to go on a poker run today and made it about 2km and it stalled and started smoking A LOT. It was a whiteish/grey colour. Anyone have this before?
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You got water in your intake/engine just guessing. Don't start it, until you change the oil but I suspect you got some water in the intake. Been there done that in a truck.
Change the oil, let the electronics dry out for a few days. let it idle for a few minutes then change it the oil again. I ended up damaging rings in cylinder #8 on my PSD. I did the above but I had to drive it for several miles before I was able to drain the oil.
Good luck but if you have any traces of water in the intake, on the filter etc.. you may have fubar'd that motor in the long run.
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