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I will be taking my cat out for the the first time this weekend to North Anderson Dry lake bed, just off of Camp Rock Road in Johnson Valley.

I will be there with Rescue 3 woking the open desert motorcycle race event and be using the WC as a support Vehicle, stop by the R3 command post & say HI if in the area.

Anyway, I desided to do a through check of the Cat, This is what I found.

All of the Engine, case & suspension bolts were tight excet for two of the rear suspension bolts that were just snug

But pretty much all of the black Torque head body bolts were a little loose & needed additional tighting. Non of the were hanging off or anything, but were loose enouth that they would eventually vibrate loose after a while.

Other than that, everything else seem to be ok.

I'll give my ride report next week

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