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Hey Guys,
I'm an Arctic Cat / Wildcat Dealer in Chattanooga, TN. I was wondering what aftermarket companies there are that I can set up with as a dealer. I've got some ideas, but it's best to hear from the consumer methinks.

Our Wildcat riders are concerned with tackling the rocks, and we have tighter trails than out west.

I know I've seen some wanting an exhaust system, and some way to get more power out of the machine (75mph isn't enough in these trails apparently ;)). I haven't seen anyone complain about handling, which I'm not surprised at all. Other than that, just general accessories.

If you guys have any suggestions, let me know. I'll try to do what I can to help people with these beastly machines.

Thanks Guys,
Jeff Griffith
Garry Griffith Cycle
Griffithcycle . com
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