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While waiting (forever) for parts to show up for this 'project' Wildcat, figured I may as well correct some of it's other many, many, many other issues.

This thing wasn't taken care of, and I wish I could have cut my friend off at the pass before he purchased it, but that's sewage water under the bridge now. Both doors have seen much better days, and both have been welded back together, but that's also done a number on the door jambs, bending them all up so the latches don't really line up anymore and stripping the threads where the door hinges mount.

Composite material Auto part Metal Tool
Wood Composite material Metal Concrete Soil
Wood Rim Automotive tire Bicycle part Bumper

Being these are pretty thin wall square tube that was friction drilled to make up some metal for the threading, it's almost bound to get all sloppy and fail at some point being on a stressed thing like these hinges with long doors.

Drilling it out to the next larger size isn't really an option as that doesn't leave enough metal for new threads. Likewise drilling all the way thru and using longer bolts and nuts didn't suit me either, so I opted to make up some threaded 'inserts' that would give it a good hold since there would be far more threads than it had originally as well as be able to be replaced if they ever get stripped out in the future.

Sorry I didn't get every step document in the pics here, but should be enough to get the jist of it.

The original holes were drilled out enough to allow the inserts to slide in and not get hung up on the metal that gets pushed in there there from the friction drilling. Then they insterts were installed and the holes marked, drilled and tapped.

Wood Rectangle Building material Gas Tool

Wood Gas Rectangle Electric blue Close-up

Wood Gas Bumper Auto part Metal

After that was done they were reinstalled and bolted in to keep the insert up against the face of the tubing where the hinge is (the nuts are just spacers) and a small hole was drilled in the side for a spot weld to keep the inster in place. If one wanted to do this with no welding another small hole and bolt could be used here instead to keep the insert in place.

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Then it has some new threads for the hinge bolts to get into.

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