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Driver seat latch broken, now what?

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Hello fellow riderz,

I was working on my wildcat and doing some cleaning and searching for anything that I could find, pretty much just getting to know my machine better. I took the passenger seat out look under there and when I was going to take the driver seat out I found out that the latch is broken. Is there another way to remove the seat when the latch brakes? Thank in advance and have a great day.

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Remove the 2 - 10 mm bolts that hold the latch on or the 17mm latch post bolt from under the buggy.
Thanks Odyknuck i forgot to look under the WC i will order a new latch and fix that thanks again!!!
Typically the plastic pins on the pivot point break. I drilled the end where it broke off and installed a small sheet metal screw. Been holding for iver a year.
They break all of the time. Cheap and easy fix. Just be gentle with them.
I used an impact wrench from the bottom of the WC.
Thanks guys, by any chance does anyone have the oem seat that they are not using and wanting to sell me the seat latch? Please let me know

Just order one from the dealer. I think they are less than 10 bux.
Thanks resurectcion I bought one of Ebay new OEM for $12.

Thanks to all
After a frustrating morning trying to get my broken latch seat out of my 2016 X 1000 I checked the forum. The answer, unbolt the seat from underneath, yipee! But wait, I have a skid plate that I'll have to remove, ugh. But when I look at the skid plate I see two holes right below the 15mm seat bolt, saved again. I grabbed my ratchet and started turning but the bolt turned along with the nut and there's no way to stop it from above. Foiled again. But then I re-read the forum and saw the suggestion to use an impact wrench. That did the trick. The seat is off and I can deal with the lame latch mechanism. Saved by the members of the Wildcat forum.
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did you use the impact to tighten it back up then reverse to loosen up the nut from start to finish or just try to loosen the rest of the way from where the nut stopped and the stud started to spin also? I tried both and the nut is still stuck on the spinning stud
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