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Gas and storage systems

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We are getting ready to do some lonnnnnnng trail rides of 130 miles or more. What systems is everybody using to carry extra gas cans, coolers, tools and other junk on their rides?
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I'm using the Quadrax fuel can rack, Quadrax spare tire holder, 2x Kolpin Jr. gas cans with mounts (all these items work together), and a ProArmor Quickshot jack setup. Rear storage is the OEM trunk bag (remains fully accessible with the rack) with recovery/repair tools and a softsided cooler. Inside we use the OEM side under door bags and a center console bag. This combination served me well on a couple 90 mile day trips in Moab recently.

P.S. I did fab up a custom bracket that allows the Quickshot to bolt directly to the tire holder so that I didn't have to use the included ratchet straps, but they worked well for the week or so that I used them.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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