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While researching which enclosure to go with I couldn't find much on the GCL enclosure. I know the AC enclosure is well put together, but they're impossible to find and much more expensive. For $348 the GCL comes with soft top, lower door skirts and removable zippered windows. Didn't come with windshields, but I already have the front and rear EMP windshields.

It was pretty easy to install, everything is basically held in with velcro. First you wrap velcro tape around the roll cage. Then enclosure has double ties covered in velcro, one side to grab the tape on the roll cage and the other to hold onto the opposite end of the strap. Easy to remove but has a strong grip.

My only complaint so far is when cruising the front lip allows the the wind in, gotta find some way to seal that up, but so far am happy with it.

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