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Hi Guys

My name is Gavin, I am working setting up the first dedicated aftermarket wholesale importer of SXS parts downunder and trying to get SXS machines up and racing in Australia.

After two years of hard slog it seems we have broken down enough barriers that we have classification with both the peak Car racing body and the peak motorcycle racing body has also held one event to trial so hopefully we will have a classification there too, but even the car racing one is enough.

We've now had SXS's take par in the 2nd biggest offroad race in Australia, the Finke Desert race and only the Australian Safari remains unconquered with that being 5 days of hard slog enduro and navigation.

A lot of very expensive truck owners ($100k+) are kinda pissed at the performance these suckers can punch out but I look forward to the amount of racing and increased recreational grants it seems we may get for "riding" these machines out in the wide open spaces of Australia!

Love the shape and the specs of the new Wildcat and look forward to it kicking some Polaris tail but I do wish the Japanese manufacturers would get off their ass and participate.

We do not have the set-up of an Australian certified dealer network for Arctic Cat so anyone with a heap of money who wants to expand in in a growing market by seeding Arctic Cat give me a bell!!

Cheers and safe but extremely fast and fun riding: ;)
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