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'15 Wildcat 1000X LTD
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Hi, I'm new to the forum and this is my first post. This may have been answered somewhere, but I cannot for the life of me find it so I'm asking again.

The machine is a '15 1000X LTD. Surprise, surprise, it has an oil leak. However, it's higher up on the motor. It's not down low around the filter or the starter. The oil is only on the non-clutch/belt (driver) side. I've had to replace a belt and there was no oil over on that side.

Any idea where the oil might be coming from? I can't see it. I've taken the plastic off, but couldn't see it. I haven't removed the trunk. Not sure how, or if, the trunk comes out; honestly, I didn't look very much into the trunk because I got frustrated and decided to walk away before tools started flying. Anyway, it's leaking bad enough that I'm having to top it off after 25-50 miles or so. I can smell it burning while I'm cruising.

This is my first SxS, but definitely not my first off-road toy. I'm assuming I'll be able to find the leak once I get the engine unburied from everything else. Is there a video or instructions out there that show what to remove and where? If so, where can I find it/them? Also, while this thing is torn down, what else should I fix/upgrade/preventative maintenance?

Thanks for your help.
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