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I did a dumb and hopefully fixed my dumb

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As the title states I did something very stupid to my Cat and hopefully have it fixed after a year of accumulating parts to fix my stupidity, replace wear and tear items and upgrade a known issue.

Two years ago I went to RRB in Tennessee on the last day blew a rear axle boot on the passenger side. I had grease everywhere, when we got home I scrubbed the bike down getting the grease cleaned up. I decided I need some gas in the cat the closest station is 10 miles away I struck out. This is the dumb part, not thinking I have an axle with 0 grease when I got to the station the axle was on fire. I let it cool down got my gas and limped it home and by limped doing 15 mph and frequent stops. After getting my backside knawed on by the wife I bought aftermarket axles the passenger lasted 7 miles and blew a boot. Got a new axle 30 miles later blew it again.

I got another chewing but was told buy what you need to fix your screw up the axles will keep blowing out. I bought the beefy rear end kit, new bearings, seals, shims for the rear diff, the upgraded wheel stud kit, all the bushings for front and rear arms and new tie rod assemblies. I shook it down a few bushings had slight play the tie rods did as well..

I finally installed everything over a weekend after spending a year getting parts. I now have 2 miles since the install so tomorrow the 19th I'm taking it out for 56 miles of trails. Since it sat for a year I completely serviced it.

Fingers crossed I fixed my screw up.
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Well so far everything is good. I got about 40 miles in and axles boots are intact. Since this was the first ride on all new parts I'm changing the rear diff fluid before my trip to RRB next weekend to look for anything metallic in the fluid. I borrowed the wife's Ranger and hit the trails.

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