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I needed to replace my ISA so.....

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Over the last ten years I've had to replace my ISA control once, and had to pull it a couple times to clean. Every time I do it I think - why didn't they make this easier to access? It's not a terrible job, but it's frustrating taking all the body work off to do the two minute job of replacing or cleaning the ISA. So one more time, I tore the body off to get to the ISA and determined I need a new one. I have a new one on order, but it won't be here until sometime next week. With good weather coming this weekend I want my machine ready to ride (It runs fine once it's warmed up), but I don't want to put it all together then have to tear it all apart again to replace the ISA next week, so what can I do? It's time to make an easy access hole! I used a 4" hole saw to cut a hole in the bed above the ISA, then used a couple pieces of aluminum strap to hold the cutout in place. It's not the prettiest, but I always have a Tusc duffle bag in the back so no one will ever see it anyhow. After I replace the ISA next week I'll seal it up with caulk.
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Modern problems require modern solutions. Not having a trail I don't know what kind of room you have under the tray. But food for thought when i repaired airplanes a common repair was a flush repair. All the support was beneath the skin with a plug attached, I wonder if you could place those straps under and screw the plug with 2 small screws into tapped holes to hold it in place? I can do a quick mock up on my phone if you need a visual.
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Yeah, I thought about that after I did it the way I did. Too late then though! In my case I always have it covered up with a Tusc cargo bag, so no one ever sees it. Out of sight, out of mind!
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