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Literally just bought a 2014 1000x and went for my “maiden voyage” last night. I filled up at the gas station, went to restart, and the starter just spun. I figured it was stuck, I hit it a couple times, still nothing.

Limped it home, and then I found out about the horrible starter issue these machines have.

Mine broke the boss on the case and the cover. Instead of replacing the case, or machining down a glob of aluminum, has anybody attempted to sleeve the boss? With something like a bearing race? I believe it would help even the force and strengthen the boss.

I’m debating on having everything tacked the best it can then sleeve the entire boss on both sides, case and cover. I have a fairly large bearing supplier local so finding a proper race wouldn’t be an issue.

Just curious what other’s have attempted without rebuilding the engine.

Thank you!


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