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mary is wanting to sell their yamaha yxz 1000r ss xt-r that i don't know anything about...below is what she sent me to post as she couldn't do it when she tried on here...below is printout of the invoice and a few lines of info she sent me...will also try to post her pics...i need to get back with her for ok to post her contact info...in the meantime send to me via pm anything you'd like me to pass on to her...from what i can see there are a lot of add-ons...she's wanting to pay off the loan asap..."mary's contact info added below the invoice"
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Hi, Dean.
I attempted to post on the Wildcat Forum yesterday. It was deleted due to,' not enough response'.
Here is the info if you know anyone interested. I am posting It on Facebook local marketplaces as well.

Zero miles.
Purchased Sept 2021.
I can deliver to limited areas in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana or Texas.
I have a driver (former trucker friend) that will deliver to other places for a fee.
Hoping to sell by Dec 31, 2021.
Asking $25000.
Added Summit Racing windshield
Added Rack with spare tire carrier kit for Yamaha YXZ

Phone 512-517-3990
Email [email protected]

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Hood

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Grille

Tire Wheel Vehicle Land vehicle Car
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Dean i can put the listing on the yxz forum if you want me too
from mary...

Mary Renda <[email protected]>
To:[email protected]

Tue, Dec 7 at 9:52 AM

That is fine with me if SJS posts it, as well.
I need all the exposure I can get.
I need to get this sold ASAP.
Please give SJS my contact info.
Who is SJS?
Thank you, Dean.

thanks sjs...much appreciated, dean
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