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2015 trail w/3" lift, 27" dirt commanders, HMF muffler and superatv power steering and 60" kit.
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Hello all. I recently got the long travel kit. Had a buddy do the work. After the first ride out it was discovered that the rear brake line rubbed through from the inside of the rims. Couldn't figure out how or why this happened unless it wasn't installed properly the first time. My buddy seems to think maybe he put the rears on the front or that my rims are too small. I've searched the forum looking for similar issues but I've only found a few posts and haven't found pictures of trails with the long travel kit from the rear. Can anyone help me out and show me where the brake lines should be routed or if you encountered the same issue what your solution was?

I have a 2016 trail xt. I believe my rims are 12" with 27" 's. Perhaps that's the issue?

I went ahead and ordered new rear brake lines from super atv.

Also are fox shocks standard on these? That's what I currently have. And everything I read keeps saying to go with bandits or the very least go with bandit springs. Are they required or just highly recommended? I understand the difference is night and day... Just $1200 for new shocks is a lot after $1800 for the LTK.

I'm a noob at most of this so thanks in advance.
I installed the 60" kit and did notice the rear brake line on the passenger side was a little short (the fronts and rears are different lengths and shouldn't be [from Super ATV] ). I angled the fitting under the engine some to gain some slack. It should not rub on the wheel, loosen it and turn it so the fitting is pointing down or something, just look at it. If you do, you will need to bleed the brakes. I also had to burp the axle boots so they wouldn't retract when extended. you can re-seal w/ the metal bands ( a little hard) or just use a thick zip tie, that works too. I installed bandit springs (light) and they work great. You will also gain an inch of height by tightening them up! the axles will not come out if they are burped! I have fully extended mine many times and they work great!
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