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Selling my beloved Muzzy Dual Slip-On Exhaust from my Arctic Cat Wildcat. This thing has brought me more enjoyment than I could shake a stick at. Rzr guys envy it, and the Girls love it.

-- No Longer needed due to turbo install on my buggy-whip!

-The set is almost in perfect condition, aside from the common wear and tear from mobbing around in the beautiful Wyoming territory, trying to wipe the grin off my face everytime I feed 'her some more throttle.

-- the hanger tabs did tear, from catching huge air in this wicked buggy, but has since been reinforced, as can be seen in attached photos.
The name-plate in the inside muffler, has been scuffed clean from hanging too snuggly against the fuel tank heat shield. Outta site, outta mind; am I right?!

Also included, will be all attaching swivel-hook springs; you will need to transfer your hanging hardware from your muffler to finish the installation.

--- Happy Bidding!

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