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Does anyone out there have a Muzzy Dual Exhaust on their Wildcat?

Mine is a 2014 Wildcat 1000 Ltd. It had the Muzzy Dual when I purchased it used and also has the Muzzy programmer, which I've never played with.
The exhaust has a great sound and turns heads wherever I go, but lately it has got to the point that is downright loud!! We are going to ride in a park that has sound limits and requires spark arrestors, so we checked mine. They test by sticking a stick in the exhaust, one of mine has it and the other didn't. Today I took the tips off and one side was clearly burned out and the other not far behind. When asking around, someone told me to "pack" the muffler and it would help to quiten the sound down a bit, but not sure how to go about that.
Here is the problem... Muzzy is no longer in business. No matter how I search for Muzzy on my Arctic Cat, it comes back with something to do with a Terex ?? I haven't found any link to anyone who may still have parts for Muzzy or any crossover parts. I'm planning on installing turn downs on mine to help a bit with the noise, it has got so loud that I can't hear the stereo!! and that is bad :confused: But, since I can't find the turn downs we are going to build them. Old Muzzy post show that they once had straight (which are on mine), 45 degree and 90 degree turn downs. They also show a listing for "Quite Core", but can't locate them either. The only number on mine are on the tips, which is: MZ-0027.
Also, I have found some generic noise baffles online. I plan to measure and see if they will fit... does anyone know if it will hurt the power by restricting the exhaust or is the Muzzy tough enough to handle it? We used to use baffles in our ole VW Dune Buggies when on the street and couldn't tell a huge difference.

If anyone knows where to buy parts, please let me know! OR if you have better ideas, I would like to hear those too. Any help greatly appreciated!!
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