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New Engine, How to get oil moving and build pressure?

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Hey Guys,
So I just finished installing a brand new engine, 2020 XTR, 4700 miles. Replaced due to metal in the oil.
I picked up a brand new engine from Country Cat, brand new oil tank from Jaggers, cleaned and flushed all the oil lines ect...
Everything went smooth.
Ready to fire it up, I filled it with oil, unplugged coils and injectors. I did 3-4, 10-15 sec crank sessions to hopefully get some oil moving. Plugged it all back in and cranked it up. It fired right up, I gave it about 10 secs and still had the oil pressure warning on the dash. Shut it down.
Pulled the filter that was installed on the engine, bone dry. Filled it with oil and tried it again. Fired right up, 10 sec or less and the warning light did not go off. Shut it down.
Pulled the filter again, topped it off with oil and was hesitant to try again.

Tried calling Country Cat and no one there.

Called another local Arctic Cat dealer and the gentleman I talked to said that he knew they had run into this before when they have replaced these engines but the guy that knows how to bleed the system is off until middle of next week. He thought that they had done something like pulling the vent line off the oil tank and then pressurized the tank to push oil through but he couldn't tell me for sure.

So here I sit, a knot in my stomach wondering how to go about this?

Does anyone have any input that has already been through this?

Thank you in advance for any input.

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Just an update for anyone else that deals with this.

I ended up pulling the return line from the oil tank and capped the fitting on the tank. I dropped the return line down into a pan on the floor.
I pinched off the breather line on the top and then used the shop air to pressurize the system. I just started to try and build up some pressure in the tank with the air hose. I did this a couple of times and then started to crank the engine with the coils and injectors unplugged.
After 2 or 3 times of cranking for about 10 sec I started to get oil out of the return line. At this point the oil pressure warning went away on the dash.

Hooked the lines back up and fired it up. Everything seemed good to go. After a good heat cycle I changed the filter and topped off the oil.

Put 41 miles on it last night and things are looking good.

I hope this helps the next guy that might run into this.

Also, The Jagged Customs oil tank is a beautiful piece. I'd reccomend it to anyone that is in need of a new tank. I went with the high capacity that puts the total capacity at about 5 qts. Which I think will be helpful on these machines. Just my 2 cents.

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Very good info, glad it’s working.
Yup those oil tanks are really nice looking! I'm glad I went with one too. I'm close to having mine back and ready fire up. I've been making a video of the entire process. So that and owning my own business has slowed my progress. I'll record everything right up to it running . So any issues I run into, or mistakes I make, etc. The machine is pretty easy to work on. But I figured making a video showing any of the little tricks or parts left out of the manual might be helpful for somebody . Glad yours is back up and running! And thanks for posting this tip. It's something I've been thinking of as I get closer to being back together.
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