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Parking break? For what

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I move my machine with my pick up once I put it in the truck I put my ramps under the machine & bungee the ramps up, got it home pulled the ramps out undid one strap when I did the other strap it rolled back guess it didn’t go all the way into park, well it is stuck how you see it & had to use com along to pull it off even 2 people pushing it didn’t help, so moral of this story if using a pick up to move your trail around make sure it’s in park or get a parking prowl, this could have been much worse & at least it only broke the plastic trim on top of the tailgate
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a "spring brake thingy" would have kept this from happening...

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might be overkill but i kept our xx in park, used the brake pedal springy thingy along with mac's 4-wheel nets to eliminate any movement from occurring...worked for us...
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