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Plastic melted behind passengers seat, caught fire

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2015, 700 wildcat limited edition (blacked out), seen and hole behind passengers seat melting in. Replaced the heat shield as it was making a noise also. Was on a few rides and bike worked great with no issue. Wife and I went for a drive, going very slow just enjoying the woods when bike shut down. When I looked at my wife who was sitting in passengers seat there was flames coming from behind her seat. After reading a few comments on this and seeing that it is an issue. Has anyone seen a fix to the problem. I am going to cut the bad piece out and build new out of fibreglass and put new heat tape on the whole thing


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Welcome scottmclellan. Here is the sticky link for all known Trail issues and fixes. If you haven't already, I recommend harnesses for your Trail. Harnesses will save your life one day.

Thread cleaned up. I have been driving SXSs longer than anybody on this forum, since my 05 Rhino. I will always recommend harnesses and safety to all members, new or not. If another member does not agree, that's fine. There is not going to be a debate, or have a new member's thread derailed.
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