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i have not seen anyone give actual measurements on the width, height, and length of a production wildcat. the books are a taste off.


Width of outside to outside of front tires at stock ride height

Width of outside to outside of rear tires at stock ride height

Overall length of machine from tip of nose to rear frame bar
120.25" (10ft 1/4")

Overall length of machine from tip of front tire to tip of rear tire with stock tires
121.25" (10ft 1 1/4")

Overall height of machine to highest point on rear frame tube at stock ride height

Widest point of the machine is the tips of the bulge in the rear fenders. outside tip to outside tip

Weight: this is with 2 bars of fuel

Front left ----- 273.4
Front right ---- 289.5
Rear left ------ 384.9
Rear right ----- 378.5
=========== 1326.3

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This was posted by Airdam previously I take no credit for it.

the wildcat is as light or lighter than the XP and commander. the commander,
although can-ams website says it weights 1300, is a lie. i weighed a commander new out of the crate no accessories, no fluids, 1532lbs.
i also weighed a new XP900. their site claims somewhere in the 1200lbs range right? somehow the brand new unit i got my hands on was nearly 1450.

anybody wonder why??? its because the polaris and can-am are both imports and claim a lighter weight than they actually are to save money on import duties. nice try imports. the wildcat is made in USA and their weight is more on target with what it actually weighs. the wildcat is faster than an XP and commander in a straight line, corners, and everything in between. dont let numbers on a paper fool you. the wildcat for now will be king of the hill. mike give it a little time. when you get to ride one you will know. its stats that have been posted as of now may be a little shy of what you wanted, but believe me this machine is a bad bish
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