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Question pertaining to snorkeling the wildcat trail

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Just bought my wildcat trial yesterday and am hoping to throw snorkels on it before a weekend ride cause the river is running high by where I ride, I'm curious, for those who have already snorkeled their machines will the stock CVT rubber sleeves fit over 2" PVC, and for the intake if I cut it down( as its hard pipe not rubber like the cvt, will a 2" rubber sleeve fit over it with a hose clamp to hold it on so I can build my intake snorkel out of 2" PVC off of that? Any input would be great, thanks.
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Yeah the stock rubber hose will slip into 2in pvc and so will a 2in ruber sleeve on the plastic intake thats how i did mine.
Welcome Diesel guy1994. Stop by the new members area, and throw up a thread so the members can meet you.
Awesome, thanks guys ill be pickin up the parts today then!
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