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quiet exhaust idea advise

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I have a 2018 sport limited 1200 miles on it, it is loud IMO and I would like it much more quiet. I am going to repack my stock muffler and am thinking about adding a "silencer" per say attached to the discharge side. my questions are
1. will this effect running to rich or lean? if yes what would I need to do to correct
2. not concerned about some power or speed loss if that would be any result
I guess that is about all I have for questions. The wife and I are just cruisers, I wear hearing aids and without them it is loud. can't imagine how loud it is for wife with super hearing.
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I covered the entire area behind the seats with 3/4" thick Fatmat on my Trail. I put it on the inside of the shifter console too. It's still not quiet, but it did help quite a bit. If you look up the name on line you can find places to order it. I've had mine in place for a couple of years now and it's held up great. Pressure washing over it doesn't even hurt it.
Hi All
finally getting set to do a twin loop exhaust, got the idea from the RZR guys but was not going to pay 900 dollars for the set up so I hope this will work, Attached are DCB reading s in my cab and I have a rear window and top but stupid loud. got the pieces and will post when all assembled and new DCB readings. I repacked the stock muffler IRT another post in here


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Here is my mock up of the twin loop I did, will weld everything up and paint exposed pipes black or maybe heat wrap it all once I drive for a while to make sure I like it. I am now at 89 DB at WOT. big diff and it sounds nice


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What did you use for mufflers? Did you connect your setup after the stock exhaust? I like the looks of it! I'm at the point that I want to quiet mine down more too, even if I lose performance. I've been considering building my own with an oval bypass type car muffler in place of the stock exhaust. My machine has a D & D slip-on on it now, which is louder than stock. Not a lot louder, but noticeable.
Stock exhaust is still there. I used a 1.5 inch ID flex pipe to attach the shorty mufflers to the stock exhaust and 2 clamps to attach the support bar. I had to expand the flex pipe slightly with an expander to fit over the stock muffler pipe. If I would do it over I would probably use larger diameter mufflers. but I am very happy with the results for under 150 dollars total

Speedway Motors All-in-One Accessory Clamp, 1 Inch Tube Size, Billet Aluminum

Set of 2 Chrome Shorty Mufflers Cafe Chopper Motorcycle - I.D 1.75" - Length 12"
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