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I purchased one of the "new design" RRP-686 intercoms with the flat control panel (no rotary controls) last year. The VOX feature died last week after maybe a dozen rides over the past 14 months. IIRC, they advertised these as "digital" so I thought there might be a reset-to-factory-settings button that I couldn't find due to the mounting location. When I looked for an online manual, I saw that these "new design" intercoms have been discontinued. Some time ago I stumbled onto an advertisement or review and realized that the design was new quite a few years ago, but not when I purchased mine.

The intercom has a 3 year warranty, so returning it to Rugged for repair is not a problem at this time. The guy I talked to on the phone said they have had problems with these units, leading to them being discontinued. He thought my VOX problem was probably the front switch panel and that they still had parts. Rugged being a good vendor, I suspect they will replace a failed unit with their rotary control models when they run out of parts, but if you bought one of these
rugged intercom.jpg
you might want to keep track of the expiration date of your warranty.

PS - The dusty unit in the pic is not mine. Mine is installed under the roof, between the ROPS tubes. With the full windshield, it is a relatively safe place for electronics.
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