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s x s dust mask

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A couple of racers with their Wolfsnout dust masks at the UTV Rally Raid in Alabama last weekend....

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Is there going to be a discount for forum members?
the wolfsnout works great went for a ride in the desert for 50 miles and could breath and they are very comfortable

thank for the masks
Check out the new comparison reveiw of wolfsnout and rz mask in the may issue of dirt wheels magazine and you will see why we are #1

ordered 3 today
Tim, I ordered 3 two weeks ago and still haven't recieved them. Could you check in to it
Tim, I ordered 3 two weeks ago and still haven't recieved them. Could you check in to it
I just saw this. I will check on it in the morning. We have been extremely backed up this spring....
Thanks Tim, your product works great. Couldn't even tell I was wearing something over my mouth all day. I liked how well it worked. Only bad thing is... my wife says I look like a dork... but I don't care. We'll see what she says when she goes riding with me all day eating dust... I might have to buy her one after, because my boys wont give up the ones I got for them. Again great product and Thanks.

Are you waring the mask under your nose like in the pic?
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Wolfsnout® Pro Race Series.
Simply makes sense.


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I had the worst sore throat after breathing dust all day when I went riding, just ordered two of these. How do the pro race series stay in place?
They gently expand between your face and the front of your full face helmet. It really is pretty cool how they work. Takes a little getting use to buy after that it's simple.
The Wolfsnout atv /utv dust mask is perfect for a helmet and goggles.
1 - 20 of 158 Posts