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Sorry, I can't help with what you need to remove to get to the plugs. I don't own a Wildcat, yet, but I may be able to shed some light on the spark plug topic due to experience with a 650 H1.

Had a Prowler 650 H1 that came with a Champion RG6YC. Crosses to an NGK CR8E. The original Champion lasted about 6 months. The NGK CR8E would last about a month. Went to a CR7E and they would last a little longer, but they would still fail and the 7E is a hotter plug. So we tried an Autolite 4303, crosses to the NGK CR8E and the Champion RG6YC, and the 4303 always gave us the longest life. About 6-8 months.

The largest problem with this Prowler was it had a Keihin 36 CVK carb with an automatic choke. I put a 36 Keihin CVK with a manual choke on it from a Vinson with all the Prowler jets installed. That made the plug last even longer because the auto choke was flooding it a slight bit and fowling plugs. It idled smoother after doing this and ran great and started much, much better. I always kept using the Autolite 4303 because it gave the best results with the faulty auto choke carb.

I know the Wildcat is fuel injected, but the Autolite 4303 was superior in the Prowler H1, so it may be superior in the H2 as well.
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