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I run Iridium plugs...the IU24 is the proper replacement for the CPR8. I noticed no differences other then they seem to be a little cleaner for my rich running Cat.

I included a link to the different plug types below

CPR8E>>>>NGK 7411 CPR8E Nickel Spark Plug

IU24>>>Denso 5362 IU24 Iridium Spark Plug

IU24A>>Denso 5365 IU24A Iridium Spark Plug

On Edit: If you do see a loss in power especially top end the Iridium at times will cause an engine to knock with poor fuel quality. They ran like crap in my V Rod.
My WC 1000 was taking a few seconds to start cold so I figured I'd change plugs and give the Denso IU24 a try. Not taken it out yet, but now she starts INSTANTLY.
The NKGs I took out didn't look bad, and not saying that new NKGs wouldn't start just as quick, but the Denso impression is very good so far.
Thank you WildcatManiac for the cross reference!

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