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See "Speedwerx PTO Install - Step by Step - Part 1 and Part 2" for prior steps.

Finish up assembling the the new PTO assembly in a press, yes the Speedwerx instructions say pound on it with a hammer, yes it could be done that way, but ... . . . . .



Here's the finished new assembly ready to go back in.


Optional Step - Remember all the corrosion that I found ? I chose to clean it up as much as I thought was reasonable without getting a bunch of it in the crankcase. Then I applied some sealer to the flange mating surfaces. Picture looks like there is a lot of sealer, but it's actually just a thin layer of, don't use too much.


This is the sealer I recommend, there are many others that are good, 3M, Yamahabond, etc. I like this stuff, it's the reason late model Toyota's don't leak a drop of anything, it's expensive but worth it. If you get it on yourself or anything else it's there to stay, you have been warned.


Slide that dude in, taking care to mate the splines up properly. Mine slid right in about 3/4 of the way. I then used the bolts to align it and pressed it in the rest of the way by hand. If you have to force it something is wrong, start over. Don't use the bolts to tighten it. Remove the bolts when the flange is fully seated.


Install the cover and the bolts. I tightened the four flange bolts tighter than they were originally. Look up the torque specs if you need to, make sure the cover is properly aligned with the flange and bolts, otherwise the shouldered bolts won't secure the flange to the crankcase properly.


Install the primary clutch assembly, make sure that the tapered surface that fits on the new PTO shaft is clean, scotch brite if needed. I dont have the clutch holder tool so I use the infamous big screwdriver to hold it. I torqued it to 65. Factory says 60. Speedwerx says 65. Probably not much difference with the age of my wrench !


Install the back half of the secondary/driven clutch assembly, make sure it's seated all the way and clean.


Don't forget the washer and the shim, they go on next.


Install the outer sheave of the secondary clutch, washer and bolt. I torqued mine to 60. Again, I don't have the special tool for holding it. I use the infamous big screwdriver method as shown, there are other ways to do it.

See "Speedwerx PTO Install - Step by Step - Part 4" to continue.
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