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Ok I'm currently building a crosscart using a zx14 engine and tyranny. I want to keep the clutch and manual gears from the bike I'm planning on using the transfercase/rear diff from an 07 sportsman to get the power to the front and rear wheels using the cv axles. I don't want to use the cvt belt or drive clutch system but I want the high/low/reverse and 4wd output from the polaris.

Is there a sprocket that will directly replace the driven clutch (correct splines and diameter) on the cvt. I going to run a chain directly from the output shaft on the bike engine to the driven shaft on the transfer case/diff.

I'm not sure the rear transfer case will even handle the power I'm almost positive the front will be toast without major upgrades but I want to try. If you don't know any specific sprockets does anyone have the specs (spline count/diameter) for the driven shaft.

I will use and automatic chain tensioner to fix the chain tensioning issue. Has anyone tried this and feedback?
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