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Steering Slider aftermarket parts

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Just posting what I've found and used since I wasn't able to find this information anywhere else on the forum. I checked my steering slider like everyone has suggested and the bushings are worn and the seals hard, at the same time I also have the early 13' cast iron housing steering slider (0505-825). The options at this point were replace the bushings, buy a new aluminum slider or upgrade to the billet steering rack .

So bushings and seals it was since there is no upgraded MLS/AJ's steering slider available anymore, however arctic cat wants to charge you nearly $25 CAD per bushing/seal. which seems ridiculous compared to just buying the newer aluminum slider assembly (0505-888) and re-using the rods but that's still a $500 from the dealer.

What I was able to find out that the seals (item# 9, 0405-461) are just a H-rod wiper style seal, the ones we picked up that worked were:
Motion Canada PN# 04769544 / Mino# 12495X07950

The bushings (Item #8, 0405-445) we did find that worked were:
10TH14 - DMR DRYSLIDE BUSHING 0.625 X 0.875
Motion Canada PN# 02141793 / Mino# 00554X10070 (Direct vendor is Home 2020 - Daemar Inc - Essential Components for Industry)

Will need to report back on how it performs later but after assembly with the new bushings and seals the slider feels smooth and tight right now.
Parts cost with a trade discount was roughly $30.00 but is still cheaper than my alternatives while I understand the upgraded billet rack would be the best option as I will need to re-do these at some point it's a fair trade off due to the overall cost of the parts.


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How was your steering after the new bushings and seals??? I know it was awhile ago.....
Hello Friends.
Can you please send some links, where I can purchase bussing and seals according upper discussion?
i took what he had and went to mcmaster-carr and found these . very close to the specs he has . going to do a bit more digging around to see what i can find but might just order these and try it out

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Well I won't be doing this . Just going to do the diy 715 steering upgrade . For about 300 I should be able to have the new setup up and running
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