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STM Secondary (Driven) clutch for Wildcat. $475 shipped.

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STM Secondary = $475 including shipping. - lightly used

Hello forum friends,

I am selling my STM Secondary/Driven Clutch for $475including shipping and insurance. This is what I have. http://supremetoolinc.com/cart/wildcat-driven-clutch-p-179.htm - 45Degeree helix angle. Alll of the STM Secondary's have 45Degeree helix angle....

I decided to go with WW Clutch Kit opposed to STM Wet Clutch Delete and it leaves me with this beautifully machined STM Secondary up for sale.

I had run this Secondary in my Wildcat for about 150-200 miles before I replaced with Wildcat Willy Clutch kit. No belt or any kind of issues while it was in. It's on my shelf in a box and ready to ship with less than a 1 day turn around.

$475to your door. Pay using PayPal?

Please, message me if you're interested or want pics.


Sean - 801-560-3379

Pics of actual STM Secondary/Driven Clutch.

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