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Not entirely new I know, as I've seen others fix this with automotive rubber and poly swaybar bushings and those look great.

I wanted to do this with the stock parts and see how that goes however. I also don't like deleting the bar; trails I ride are pretty quick and these already a little soft in roll rate for my liking.

Main problem I saw was the bushing bore was just too loose for the bar, so it knocks up and down and clunks like crazy.

I unbolted the sway brackets and filed a mil or two of bushing material from the bore side of the upper and lower bush halves. Keep bringing it back to the swaybar until you are jusssst unable to get the halves to touch. Bore should now be as tight, or slightly tighter than the bar OD.

Issue now is that the bushing will be too short to be firmly grasped by the metal bracket. I wrapped the upper portion of the bracket in a few layers of elctrical tape to take up that slack (from the 10 o'clock to 2 o'clock position).

Grease her, add zerks if you wish, bolt her back up and, if you did it right, the final stage of torquing should slightly pinch the metal bracket around the bushing.

Check that you can still rotate the bar in the bushing by hand (a little stiff is fine) and repeat on the other side of the bar.

Completed this on my front bar and the knocking is gone. We'll see if it lasts.

Rear bar to go, which is easier. Will try and grab some pics on that.
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