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Has anyone had a multitude of issues with their Wildcat Sport?
My warranty ran out on my Wildcat sat in my local repair shop waiting for Textron to figure out what type or repairs they were going to do for heat shield replacement on the 2016, 2017, and 2018 Wildcat Sports.
I had issues with my Wildcat Warn winch solenoid malfunctioned and machine caught fire, ( was outside beside machine and saw smoke bellowing from under driver’s seat, 2 fire extinguishers later). I had my Wildcat at the repair shop twice for major overheating Issues ( antifreeze spewing everywhere though was able to cool the machine down and slowly got back home). I had a 6 inch melted hole between my bucket seats, a fleece blanket fused to the zipper of the storage bag between my bucket seats.
Now 1107 miles ( 100 hours) my motor is history because factory never connected the oil sending unit to any gauges. The oil sending unit malfunctioned / sprung a leak while we were on short ride thus we lost motor oil and didn’t realize that until we heard a peculiar noise so we Immediately shut down the machine to investigate. Notice all the oil on our rock shield/ skid protector. We got a tow back. Took to our local dealership whom informed us we need to replace motor now.
I bought the Wildcat Sport with extra accessories to enjoy our beautiful State. The only thing I have encountered is stress of what next. I asked Textron for new machine because it is my belief all of these are issues beyond reasonable for one person to encounter with one machine. I was told No! My last two emails to the company went unanswered. I spoke to my dealership and was informed that Textron has been more difficult for them to deal with since taking over from Arctic Cat.
I am now looking at a $7 grand repair bill to get my “Kitty” back on the trails.
I am less than pleased given all of the above. Several issues with overheating that have most likely lead to major motor issues. It would be different if I was beating on this machine , let others use it, or didn’t do the routine maintenance.
I am medically disabled and not always able to get out of house In addition to only have June to October to ride secondary to trails being excessively wet or closed for hunting.
Anyone had any experience dealing with Textron regarding multiple repairs needed on their machine or extenuating circumstances? Thanks in advance. Tams Kitty
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