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And other interesting worthless information about the H2 motor....

I am replacing the crankshaft in my X and taking care of some of the common oil leaks while I'm in there.

The casting/machine work in the area above the oil filter is horrible. And to make it worse, there is an unused oil passage that runs right through the area just to make sure as much oil as possible will leak out!

Here's some pics...

Auto part Engine Metal

This pic shows the horrible sealing surface.

I'll label a pic to make more sense of it.

Auto part Engine Automotive engine part Carburetor Machine

In this pic...
the YELLOW highlighted area is the section above the oil filter
The BLUE arrow is the oil passage that would only be used WITHOUT an oil cooler. It is a DEAD END in this application, but still has full pressure!
the RED arrow is the passage for filtered oil to get to the top of the motor.
the GREEN arrow is the pressure relief valve (in case you were wondering)

Here is a pic of the oil pan for reference

Auto part Engine Automotive engine part Machine Machine tool

So the oil goes from the bottom of the pan up the hole with the ORANGE arrow to the oil pump,
then it goes to the oil cooler and returns to the oil filter and the pressure relief,
then through the oil filter to the hole with the RED arrow to feed the engine.

Again, the BLUE arrow is a port that would bypass the oil cooler but it is blocked off at one end. If I was keeping the Wildcat I would take the time to put a plug in this hole to eliminate the possibility of a leak here.

Next lesson, the CRANKSHAFT (aka, why the stator covers crack)


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Great information, made it a sticky closing thread so there is no traffic on it.
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