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The EVP crew just finished our high elevation validation of our slip on "Magnum" exhaust and Multi Map ECU Programming. But first a few notes:

In the heavily traveled whooped out main trail into and out of the dunes, we were able to pass a fleet of XP Turbos like they were standing still. They looked like they were bronc riding while we were barely moving up and down in our seats. The suspension is pretty amazing out of the box. In heavily rutted turns, the XX soaked up the bumps in stride. The machine is VERY impressive and many people were impressed with its capabilities. We are proud to have the XX as part of the EVP stable.

Our Multi Map ECU Reflash has performed flawlessly both at sea level and high elevation. The EVP Magnum Exhaust has held up very well to the punishment we have been giving it over the last few months. The sound is very nice without being too loud.

ECU Programming & Magnum Exhaust will be released at the Sand Sports Super Show and will be available online and via our shop shortly thereafter.

ECU Programming Features:
  • Diagnostic port flash - meaning no opening of the ECU. For those sending the ECU to us or one of our flashing dealers, they can bench flash without opening as well.
  • Revised Timing for 91 Octane
  • Revised pedal maps
  • Rev limit raised to 9800 rpms
  • Speed limit raised
  • Fan on temp lowered for cooler running
  • Left foot braking enabled
  • Race start enabled (can start in any gear without having your foot on the brake)
  • 4-5 WHP gain through tuning, 8-9 WHP with tuning and slip on exhaust

Price: $499

Dash Flash Package:
  • Flashes the OEM dash which allows multi map operation
  • Multi Map consists of different pedal maps which are selected by the upper left dash button. There are 3 modes: M1: drag race/dune riding = very aggressive pedal vs throttle, M2: trail = linear 1:1 pedal vs throttle, M3: rock crawling = very tame pedal vs throttle with most throttle movement the last 3/4 of pedal travel

Price $299

EVP Magnum Exhaust:

Muffler is custom made for the XX, not an off the shelf muffler shoehorned to fit
  • 304 Stainless construction
  • Stainless perforated core
  • Stainless steel wool around core to prevent packing material from escaping through the perforated core
  • Lifetime packing material
  • Awesome sound

Price: $499

Optional: Rear Valence/Heat Shield

  • Deletes ugly rear heat shield and rear plastics giving the machine a more streamlined and finished look
  • Black outer with inlaid Textron green logo
  • Custom colors available upon request for $50.00 upcharge and additional lead time

Price: $149 or $199 with custom colored rear valence and/or logo

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Amazing write up. Been waiting for the Evo setup. Any news on a full exhaust system? So pumped!!!
A header is in development and will be released sometime in October. It will work with our Magnum slip on. In addition, clutching and a better belt are also forthcoming!
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