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Waterproof electrical

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What are people doing to protect/waterproof your electrical under the driver's seat(fuse panel and computer) thanks
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Dielectric grease on connectors and a lot of prayers that AC sealed the rest.
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I don't go in deep water if I don't have to but there might be a time when you have to or you fall into a deep hole, also the engine air intake is quite low and can easily damage your engine in deep water crossings. Unless your machine is built like Wildkat Williams LOL
This is something I should have done this winter but here we are, trail time. I suspect, take a weekend, pull apart what you can, anything that has a spade connector, use dielectric grease. You can literally pack a connector with this and you'll be fine(rocker switches). Doing the front diff or any other connector that is exposed, near the skid plate and/or could be under water in your SHTF moment, lots and lots of di-electric grease. Been using it for years on a variety of projects and I've never had a moisture related failure, Christmas lights, sprinkler valves, LED's on my motorcycle, etc etc..

If you need to pack into and/or access a hard to reach spot since its under pressure. I actually used this brand on a project for a friend. A few other companies make it and it is kind of handy. https://www.amazon.com/CRC-Technici...2943&sprefix=dielectric+grease,aps,129&sr=8-5

I have a 1lb 'tub' of Jet Lube Dielectric Grease. You'll sometimes see it referred to as silicone paste. Just double check the label to be dielectric grease but Permatex or Loctite brands will be GTG. I have used it as a lube as for O-rings to get them seated as it seems to have very good washout properties. The Jet Lube brand list "no drop point" so it should be pretty stable even at very high temp (400*F).

Thanks for giving me another project to fiddle with :eek:
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