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And that is what SUCKS!! Because I Love my 18' XX...BUT...its 4 years later and no change in the platform!...I'm SHOCKED they are still making them actually...at some point soon they are gonna hit the wall...which should have already happened actually..... I guess I'll just have to get a Can-Am or Polaris at some point in the future
If you like your XX platform then the machine you should be looking at is the Speed UTV as your upgrade. The XX was the vision of Robby Gordon. The XX primary design was his. He holds most of the patents on the XX and has incorporated all the good things about the XX into the Speed UTV. A matter of fact Mike Nemic a design engineer who also worked with Arctic Cat and Robby on parts of the XX came to Speed UTV to help develop the new Speed machine. Then you have Todd Romano who was apart of the XX program along with the aftermarket SpeedSXS product line. Several other engineers from the off road, NASCAR, Indy car, snow sled worlds come into be apart of the Speed UTV.

So when your ready to replace your XX check out the Speed UTV. I think it’s going to give your everything you are looking for.
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