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Wildcat 1000x engine swap with 2013 2014 1000 H2 TRV

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I have been looking for a engine for my Wildcat 1000 x but only found trv 1000 engines available new. Could I use this engine for replacement. The crankcase and heads are the same. But appears that crank cylinders pistons are different. I am not concerned about power even though torque seems to be sufficient. Thanks so much for any help or opinions.
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My boss broke. I pulled the engine, drained the oil, and took off the stator cover/starter/gears. Then welded aluminum into the broken boss area and drilled it to fit the gear shaft. I also used a longer shaft. No issues since. If I were to do more I would make a cardboard template of the boss area, and then get some thick aluminum plate from the local metal yard. Use the template to make a reinforcement for the gear shaft.
I would be willing to pay you for that plate
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