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Wildcat 1000x engine swap with 2013 2014 1000 H2 TRV

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I have been looking for a engine for my Wildcat 1000 x but only found trv 1000 engines available new. Could I use this engine for replacement. The crankcase and heads are the same. But appears that crank cylinders pistons are different. I am not concerned about power even though torque seems to be sufficient. Thanks so much for any help or opinions.
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I'm looking for an engine swap too, my starter and case just blew out., Boss is toast, maybe replace with a MC engine??
i wouldnt worry about the motor itself - as i know was only the mild 80hp motor in the quads- BUT- as you have the wiring/ECU for the x-motor this could be the problem- btw dont know what you mean MC motor!?
Motor Cycle engine, I really like the stance and look and handling of the wild cat and I think for 3 grand I could put a motorcycle engine in and really rip!!
You CAN repair the case/starter boss better than new. Your old engine can be saved.... ask me how i know LOL
talk to me bro!!
My boss broke. I pulled the engine, drained the oil, and took off the stator cover/starter/gears. Then welded aluminum into the broken boss area and drilled it to fit the gear shaft. I also used a longer shaft. No issues since. If I were to do more I would make a cardboard template of the boss area, and then get some thick aluminum plate from the local metal yard. Use the template to make a reinforcement for the gear shaft.
Good to know, and I have seen the video of the reinforcement plate made for inside the starter case, I am not sure about the other issues that plague this engine as well, stator and such??
My boss and stator cover broke, my dealer had a used cover and fixed case. Without taking the engine out we welded the boss back on then added 1/4 " aluminum plates above and below the boss, its a bullet proof fix the boss cannot move in any direction regardless of kick back the plates are welded to the boss and case it took a couple hours but the boss is completely immobilized and could not possibly break in the future. The pin was a little sloppy in the boss so we applied a thin film of JB weld inserted it then put the stator cover on and let it set for 24 hours putting the cover back on ensures perfect pin alignment. We replaced the starter and gear with the upgrade and presto a bullet proof boss repair and Zero play in the shaft which will eliminate broken stator case issues
Awesome, got any pic's sir.I may try that
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