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Ok guys, I got it home. And I must say, I am impressed, It towed in the trailer like a champ LOL

Brought from Bert Mega Mall. They still have a few Black & 1 green in stock as of Staurday for sale.

In case you are wondering, what I paid OTD


The break down was 16564.83 (Base) + 1,200 (San Bernadino Tax) 55.00 (Doc Fee) 52.00 (Lic Fee) & 7.00 (Calif tire recycle fee)

I did a over all inspection of the Cat before taking it from the dealer. The hood had no play, all hoses were not kinked, steering wheel was centered, all viewable clamps were installed & could not find any obvious loose bolts. Also the glove box seem to have a very positive latch & did not wiggle at all when losed

I will over the next few days do a more detailed inspection b4 the first ride, which will include removing the screws of the stator cover & reinstall with loctite as well as a few other credible bolts & screws

I will keep you posted
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