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Its time to sell my baby! New business and a new direction in toys has me selling the best handling sxs I've ever owned.

I've done a few tasteful mods to make sure that any potential weak point has been dealt with.

D&P Aluminum Roof
D&P steering rack bushing
Marked Motorsport gussets and transmission plate
D&P tie rods
D&P rear shock gussets
Shock Therapy Stage 2 suspension
Alba Racing "SBD" kit (tune and header)
Prp 3" harness
S&B Particle Seperator
LED headlight upgrade
Speedwerx/D&P clutch Kit w/spare belt
Raceline Mamba Blackout Beadlocks
BFG KR2 tire 32"
Updated Front Sway Bar
Extra Oil filter

This is an epic machine, and puts to shame every utv on the market in the ride and handling department. IMG_20190421_182211[1].jpg IMG_20190421_182211[1].jpg
It has just under 500 miles.
Save yourself time and money in the aftermarket goodies I've already splurged for and make your buddies jealous! Also watch Shock Therapy's review of the XX to get an idea of how great this machine is!

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